Fast Food and Most Super Market Players Successfully Biologically Manipulated You

Tom AgainWhen you enjoy Fast Food you’ve successfully allowed them to biologically MANIPULATE YOUR BRAIN and Taste Palate. When I learned they actually put certain GMOS in their ‘foods’ to biologically manipulate us, (HUGE red flag for me isn’t it for you?!!?) I made it my mission that everyone knows about it.  Is it a RED FLAG for you too that they’ve manipulated you to get rich by making you Poor and Sick?  Is a RED FLAG they focus the bulk of their marketing on Children?!!?

I know that stuff tastes really good but that’s only because you’ve allowed them to successfully Sell You on manipulation, on a dangerous biological level, to CRAVE what they are selling you so you give them more and more of your families money.

What THEY don’t want you to know is you can recalibrate your brain and taste palate back to nature and when that happens their fake foods actually taste like the dangerous Threat to your family in every way possible that it is.  When you become a free thinking person with some gumption you’ll not want to make people rich who are killing you and your kids anymore.  You’ll start becoming richer instead of poorer in every way possible.

They charge you obscenely over priced sums of money for low grade food-like food that will rob you and your kids of your health, wealth, personal freedom, and you VOTE FOR it with every dollar you give them in exchange for what you’ve allowed them to SELL YOU on.

If you’re NOT ok with some in the ‘elite’ getting rich off of selling you on being sick and poor then DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND TODAY, not tomorrow, and start a revolution that begins right in your own home.  Here is a great place to start with a grocery list that’s in alignment with getting richer instead of poorer in every way possible Investing in the Wellness of your family is the best investment you could make.  You know it’s true.  Sometimes you, and myself, just need to be reminded again.

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– Tom

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