Fire your boss so you can watch the sunrise and frolic in nature without hopping on your human hamster wheel for your hamster paycheck :-)

But Tom I love my job when you love what you do you are free!”

Love of hard work and dedication is a wonderfully positive moral character trait and is different than a job which is a preconceived notion commonly confused with work.

A JOB gives you an illusion of safety. Hard work is the actions that you partake in to continue your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental development. A JOB is external, hard work is an internal character trait.

For my Curious friends… The only income that creates freedom of time is passive and residual. So Google research it if you’re interested in being a free human being. I have lots of blog posts and videos about it if you’d like I’m happy to share what I’ve taught on the topic matter.


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follow your heart

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