Most people aren’t going to be inspired to live inspired lives no matter what they read on Facebook

But, some people are!

Most people feel just fine living out the status quo designed for them by somebody else and the only time they tend to get agitated is when someone points it out.

I might be wrong for pointing it out! Who knows. I certainly like pointing it out though 🙂

I think a lot of us tend to take things way too seriously when it’s not supposed to be and we take things way too lightly when we are supposed to be taking things more seriously.

Just maybe the best thing to ask for is to learn when to take life seriously and when not to.

I’ve been guilty of this just like anyone else. Sometimes I’m guilty and Incredibly dumb at the same time lol

What I’m getting out of life so far is to love, be loved, make lots of money openly and proudly, express yourself without reservations, freedom without the expense of someone else’s freedom, reciprocal relationships whenever possible, learn to become closer to each others Souls than our physical bodies, get away from ordinary earned income, make lots of residual and passive income, and make lots of money brazenly in the face of anyone who dare hold a negative energy towards money so stupidly so.

Yes all of these things is what I’m getting out of a meaningful life so far. I can’t wait to see what else I learned in my next 40 years or however much longer I’m here for.


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follow your heart

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