Give somebody a guaranteed income and they will have no incentive to work anymore, right?

Even I thought this was true but apparently we were all wrong.

Alaska has been doing this for a long time and as it turns out the population of Alaskan residences still have an emotional need to work, to feel like their life matters, to be productive for society, to live a good life that is worth living.

There is a country in Europe that has experimented with a guaranteed income for the past two years and they have found the same exact conclusion.

A universal basic incomes most Ardent opposition talking point has been 100% thoroughly debunked.

I’m not naive though, I know non-objective people will not change their mind on this Central opposition talking point.

I’m happy and grateful to be objective enough to have my mind changed based on objective observations.

I am 100% in favor of a universal basic income in the United States paid for by a small sliver of the production profits created by technology, namely, automation replacing people’s jobs.

Another thing discovered by societies with a universal basic income is that they are less stressed and more joyful. This affects literally every other aspect of day-to-day living in a dramatic positive way.

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