Trump Supports Genocide.

Trump supporters need to break their Cult of Personality.

Trump made a weapons deal that arms Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia uses our arms to bombs school buses of children in Yemen and uses our logistical support to form a blockade while there is a cholera outbreak which has created an environment where 14 million people are about to die for being the wrong kind of Muslim.

Yesterday Congress introduced a bill that would end our involvement in this genocide.

The monster who campaigned on a promise of non intervention and pro and human rights vetoed a bill that would end our participation in a literal genocide.

President Pinocchio and all who continues to support him to this day have the blood of a genocide on their hands that will never come clean.

In my judgment the United States will be judged more harshly for its complicit support of genocide than our past of human slavery.

Trump’s support of a genocide has been going on for a couple of years now but this resolution to end the participation was just this week and vetoed the same day it was presented to Our Sick vile f u c k of a president.

Send our sick vile president to jail.

If there is any justice in the world he needs to go to jail immediately for war crimes and crimes in general Against Humanity.

If we held president Pinocchio to the same standards we held the Germans to during the Nuremberg trials then present Pinocchio would be hanged to death yesterday.

I’m anti capital punishment so don’t kill him just send him to jail for life.

Make America anti-genocide again.

Make Trump supporters ReDiscover their Humanity again.


P.s. When you pay your taxes your money is being used to buy bombs that blow up buses full of school children and kills about a hundred people per day. Trump is among the worlds most vile terrorists posing as civility dressed in a suit and tie.

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