Give Up Self Help Talk for Developing Yourself and Watch the Results Pour In

tombirkenmeyercomWhat are you doing to develop yourself and what are you doing to develop other people?  These two questions and answers will determine your success in your personal and professional life.  I heard John C Maxwell say this at a Seminar I attended in Las Vegas.

I’ve also heard Dani Johnson dismiss “Self Help” as a selfish kind of development because the “Self” part of “Self Help” is Ego Centric.

They are both absolutely right.  I personally didn’t have all my money problems of having too little of it totally disappear til I helped enough other people solve money problems.  I didn’t boost my confidence til I began boosting other peoples confidence simply by being a genuine encourager, supporter, and complimenter whenever possible.  I didn’t start living on gratitude til I began giving gratitude to other people.

I witness the same in other people all the time.  I regularly see people on the other side of the fence making the mistake of, “How can I be happy?” and then never really finding happiness.  I regularly see people doing good by asking, “How can I be of service to others?” and then organically becoming Joyously Happy.

The great designer hard wired us this way to encourage us to work together and help each other out.  So learn to cooperate with the way we are wired as human beings. Sew good seed in other people every day.  Encourage, support, speak truth even if it hurts but with the aim of helping, be authentic, be loving, and be GENUINE when we do these things NOT patronizing or manipulating.  Every successful person knows the natural laws of sewing and reaping, and reaping and sewing. So be careful of what you sew you will reap a whirlwind of it.  No one gets more manipulated than the manipulator.  And no one gets help like the helper.

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– Tom

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