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I don’t have a job anymore and I never will again.  I get paid so much more money just by living my life by my own design as a FREE and joyously happy human being.  So can you if your brain isn’t shut down and closed from an experience in your past that you’ve used to project and rob you of your future and your families future.  You have no idea what it means to be yourself, to enhance the BEST inside of you, and to be able to use who you authentically are to get out of the Job Racket and inspire others around you who feel trapped, too.  I LOVE Freedom but I HATE the way most people try to obtain their freedom by being someone who they are not and turning everyone else off around them.   When you learn to LIVE authentically in the way I’m going to talk about you’ll be surprised at how you really don’t ever think about money because you’ll have more than enough to do all you wanna do, give all you wanna be, have as much time as you wanna have for whatever is most important to you etc.  It’s when you don’t have enough money a person tends to think about money and the problems it’s causing by not having enough of it.

DSC05600So this year I finally found my Birth Family and connected with them!!  I’ve always known that I as adopted because I have the BEST adoptive parents one could ever dream for.  They were always open, honest, and even encouraged me to keep looking for where I came from.  Finally after 35 years and 10 months of living, I found them!  And get this, we all want to build relationships with each other.  How amazing is that?  It’s LIFE CHANGING.  And now I have my FREEDOM to fly back and forth between Wisconsin and Colorado as often as I wish to visit, build those relationships, enjoy life, share life, be part of each others life.. If I still had a job I would not be as free to do this. Not even close.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  You don’t have to be adopted to know what I’m talking about because you have your own pains, wants, needs, desires, and struggles.  Lack of freedom is a MAJOR hindrance and you know it personally.

Would it be cool if you got to do all you wanna do, be as free as you wanna be, spend more time with people you wanna spend more time with? Does your heart bleed to give back more if only you had more to give? What would all of this feel like to be able to design the life of your dreams and then LIVE it?  Would you share your success over your pains with others to give them inspiration to no longer feel trapped, too?  How would that make you feel if by you creating your own success you started receiving “thank you” letters from people for inspiring them to change their lives?  What would that do for your sense of purpose and relevance during your very limited time on this earth?

Life was not like this for me a few years ago.  I was broke, no job, no opportunity that I could see, I was almost homeless, I had no time.  I couldn’t just hop on a plane to visit with and build a relationship with my new found birth family. I overcame so that I could enjoy these freedoms. Now I share my lifestyle that I get to design with you to inspire you, too. I had pains and struggles I had to overcome.  My over coming them, and sharing them with you in an honest way, inspires who I’m suppose to inspire.  I know that if I had been selfish and not created my own success I would not have been able to inspire who I’m suppose to inspire.  Success is the most selfless thing you can create in your life. Self neglect is selfish especially when self neglect is falsely identified as a personal sacrifice to help someone else.  Selfless success actually rewards you and others around you in synergy.  Let this, or some other story, inspire you so the WAVE of inspiration can continue to move and inspire people to get results that feed the human spirit.  When the human spirit is fed, there is no greater force in the universe. This is when humans can accomplish the most amazing things no matter what.

DSC05695This year, not even one year into our finding each other, my birth mother and I decided to take a dream trip to San Diego, the place where she gave birth to me with the purpose of adopting me out.    See the picture on the left?  That’s my Birth Mother and I standing in front of the hospital where she gave birth to me 36 1/2 years ago.  This time was very different, we left together =)  Our trip started with her flying out to my family in Wisconsin to meet them for the first time.  POWERFUL!  After a few days of visiting here in Wisconsin we hop on a plane to together to San Diego for a few days and rent a car to have an adventure up the pacific coast HWY for a few more days up to West Hollywood.  Just 10 months ago I would NEVER have imagined this would happen.  When I turned 30 I can remember thinking it’s no longer likely I will ever find my birth family. Now that we’ve found each other we get to enjoy life together.

My goal with this blog is to inspire you to do whatever you have to, to obtain your freedom.  It takes money, time, health, and a mindset.  The mindset is the most difficult of them all.  Once you have the mindset then the money, time, and health aspects become so simple.

Most of you, so far, can’t see beyond where you’re at right now.  You can’t look beyond the Zeros in your bank statement. You can’t look beyond the chronic health conditions you have.  You can’t look beyond how little free time you have.  You refuse to look beyond what the eyes can see.  You justify where you’re at by “tellin how it is” and therefore you remain stuck. It’s a nasty circular pattern you’ve allowed yourself to be in for years and years and sometimes you even fight hard to defend what’s kept you stuck. It’s time you SMASH that circular pattern you’ve been justifying all these years.  Isn’t it?

Creating Priceless Memories with my Birth Mother in San Diego..

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– Tom

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