Give yourself permission to QUIT =)

Not all forms of quitting are bad! Sometimes quitting can save your life. Here are some examples…

quit being an obedient wage slave at your job..

quit saying no to natural health..

quit saying no to opportunity..

quit neglecting your personal growth & development..

quit dying inside of what you already know and are comfortable with..

quit complaining without any aim for solutions..

quit being poor with the resources you already have..

quit putting your co-dependency in some job or company to take care of you..

quit regularly eating toxic foods..

quit spending time and energy with toxic people..

quit using facebook to be facebroke..

quit making excuses..

quit selling your time for a paycheck..

quit being an obedient worker to a system that can take away your income at any time for any reason..

quit being controlled and manipulated by money dependency..

quit anything that isn’t making you better, more free, and happier..

Quit denying your dreams..

Quit hating yummy vegan chocolate =)


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follow your heart

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