You went to school and they taught you how to use your talents to be poor.

In my world every dollar saved is $2 earned and it repeats every month automatically based on that one effort.

In your world a dollar saved is just $1 saved and it never repeats because you’re only paid one time for each effort.

You’re ripping yourself and your family off because you never learned about residual or passive money.

It’s designed this way on purpose because they need a nation of obedient workers who won’t question their role as an employee or self-employed business owner.

They don’t want you to learn about natural health or residual and passive money.

If you learned about residual money and natural health you would mess up their plans to control and manipulate you.

You would force their hands out of your life and out of your pocket book.

Best of all if you learned about natural health and residual money you would decouple your time from your income so that you’d be free to spend your very finite you have left on this Earth however the fuck you want 🙂

Doesn’t that sound like more fun than being another turd in a herd of controlled and manipulated obedient workers?

You can do it.



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follow your heart

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