Golf Lessons, Hookers, and Poverty. We Love It All, Don’t we?

winter_backgroundYou are behind the cash-flow that flows from your pockets to the lobbyists who pay for congress to write the laws in their favor and then congress blows YOUR MONEY on Golf lessons and HOOKERS or whatever is is they blow YOUR MONEY on.. *Laugh*

We literally exercise our power to change laws in OUR FAVOR when we flow our cash differently out of our pockets. Easy as that.

We can create a peaceful revolution when more people spend their time and their money differently. Big business and big government always follows the money.

Currently what we are telling big industry and big government through how we spend our time and money is we like being spied on, we like feeding our families GMO contaminated food, we like illegal search and seizure, we like crushing debt, WE LOVE POVERTY, we love greed and neediness, and more than anything we love losing our independence relying on government to take care of us.

Money speaks louder than what we talk about. Principals are far easier to fight for than to live up to.

What are you telling big Industry and government with how you spend your time and money? Is it in alignment with your mouth?

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– Tom

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