Rich Poor or Middle?

I have Two Fascinating Questions for you.  I don’t ask these two questions to insult anyones values.  I ask them to cause a shift in how you look at yourself and your place in the world of Relationships, Money, Health, Freedom, and to give you a sense of EMPOWERMENT if you wish to TRANSFORM yourself in ALL of these areas of Relationships, Money, Health, and Freedom.

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1. Which do you want to TRANSFORM yourself into?

A.) Strong Body at the expense of your mind (Poor)

B.) Strong Mind at the expense of your body (Poor)

C.) Half and Half (average / middle / uninspiring / mediocre / works hard, never gets ahead, bad at solving problems and struggles with most things)

D.) Strong Mind and Strong Body (RICH / Inspiring / Generous / Excellent at solving problems)


2. Which do you want to TRANSFORM yourself into?

A.) Financial Freedom at the expense of your family and friends (Poor)

B.) Family and friends at the expense of your Financial Freedom (Poor)

C.) Half a$$ed everything (Middle Class / Average / Mediocre / Uninspiring / Works hard, struggles the most, pays the Bulk of the taxes because they provide no jobs, housing, energy, or commodities)

D.) Financial Freedom AND the Healthiest Relationships (Truly RICH / Generous / Inspiring / the BEST problem solvers / Works hard but not for money and pays the least in taxes because they provide jobs, housing, energy, and or commodities)


Good and Bad people exist in all poor middle and rich classes that’s not the point of this.


The poor are so poor all they have is money and no healthy relationships and others are so poor all the have are healthy relationships but no freedom.


The middle class believe they can have Freedom or healthy relationships but not both and that is their own belief system that keeps them fronting the brunt of a massive 18 trillion dollar debt burden while they work hard, lose the most, struggle with most things, and never get ahead.  Many of the middle class today are being squeezed out and joining the poor.   The squeeze stems from the beliefs they have that they cling to and fight hard to protect.  They are motivated by what they perceive as safety and security. The reality is the middle class are not grounded in reality and that is why they are the riskiest most unsecured segment of the population.


The Truly Rich believe they can have it all and do.  Money, Healthy relationships, time, their health, and their FREEDOM.  They are the most generous because they produce the affordable housing, jobs, energy, and commodities everyone uses to enhance their own lives.  Their biggest critics are the middle class who accuse the truly rich of being greedy.  This criticism comes from people who provide little to no housing, jobs, energy, food, or other commodities.  The truly Rich are motivated by Freedom not safety and security, which in reality, is the safest most secure place to be because the truly rich have control variables over both their cash flow and income that they pay themselves with.  The middle class have zero control variables over their income and little to no cash flow.  Their employer owns their income and their job.  There are no control variables in that and zero control is high risk.  The middle Class and Poor are enslaved to money, jobs, lenders, social programs, and taxes.  The Truly Rich are Free which means they can spend their time and focus on the most important things.


You live in a country where you can TRANSFORM yourself to transition to where ever you want to be and it Does Not Matter what your starting place is.  But this only works if this is your perception because your perception is your reality.  To TRANSFORM yourself you have to change your Reality from a small poor reality to an expanded rich reality, then the pathways open FOR you..


You can Build amazing relationships or you can destroy relationships.  You can build wealth or you can destroy wealth. You can be average or you can be Great.  You can develop yourself or you can tear down yourself.  Billions of people in the world would first have to over throw their government in a bloody war before they could have many of those options that we have.  We’ve inherited the fruits of our own revolutionary war to be free from a tyrant king July 4th 1776.  We are lucky to inherit our country.   Sadly many of us replaced the oppression of a tyrant king with the oppression of a tyrant mind set.


In capitalism you can turn ZERO dollars into a little bit of dollars and then you can turn a little bit of dollars into a lot of dollars and Billions of dollars if you’re faithful with it.  If you’re faithful with the gifts and talents you’ve been given you don’t need money to make money. Capitalism makes it possible for the homeless, the destitute, the high school drop outs, and anyone with a bad past to become Wealthier, Healthier, and Happier than those with the most impressive IVY League Education and Top 1% impressive resumes.   In fact, those Ivy League Academic Geniuses with an impressive background almost always end up working for C students and high school drop outs.


Want to TRANSFORM yourself so you can transition to where you really want to be?  Do you REALLY?    What are you doing to Develop yourself?  What are you doing to Develope yourself so you can Develop other people and be generous, too?  You can start today.  Not Tomorrow.  Tomorrow is for the poor and the middle class.  Today is Rich and it’s happening right now.  It’s a gift that’s why they call it, “the present”.  Procrastination is the cornerstone of ALL poverties.  Be Rich in TODAY.  Take a step no matter how small.  Getting started is Under rated.  Speed is Over rated.


My Next Thirty Days to Profit Group is beginning soon.  Privately contact with me if you would like to explore 30 Days to making a Profit as an option in getting started with your personal Transformation to make the transition of where you want to be.   I highly recommend transitioning to the truly rich who are Generous, works hard but not for money, who inspire, who are obsessed with personal growth and solving problems, who pay the least in taxes, who don’t sacrifice their personal life because having it all is what we are supposed to work toward and that is Rich.


Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could use this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.  Connect with me on Social Media, too.


– Tom

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