Good spirited playful banter is the answer

The question is, what builds real attraction and chemistry more powerfully than anything including anything sexual?

Nothing tops building attraction more than two people who are so well connected to themselves that they can connect to each other through healthy playful banter.

Being able to banter with someone says a lot about who you are. It’s much deeper than just the banter. It reveals your emotional intelligence, wisdom, if you’re quick thinking, witty, creative, not boring, playful, emotionally attractive, intellectually strong, if you have confidence, maturity, and on and on. The ability to Banter in a playful healthy way cannot be overstated.

Banter is also the best Segway into getting to know you kind of conversation with somebody because now you’re emotionally mutually invested for a much more meaningful get to know you kind of conversation.

If everything is always logical and feels more like an interview the connection is boring. There is no sex appeal to that. Having a good balance of banter and logical getting to know you type conversation is exciting and arousing.

Most people do not have a healthy connection with themselves which has created a toxic unhealthy dating pool with very few exceptions.

So few people realize the importance of playful banter and the balance of that with logical getting to know you type of conversation.

This isn’t true just for romantic connections but also friendships and relationships of all kinds.

What are your thoughts and opinions of this? How important is a well balanced conversation of playful banter and logistical? Have you been with potential dating prospects that are all logistical and you found yourself bored out of your mind but wasn’t sure why?


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