Good things come to those who do not wait.

Waiting around is how you get left behind.

Poor people are not lazy and rich people are not automatically hard workers.

Procrastination is the cornerstone of all poverties not just financial poverty.

Hard workers without personal philosophy refinement can work multiple jobs and still struggle to make ends meet.

Work hard refining your personal philosophies and you can multiply your income while working less not more; giving you more options in life.

A fragment at the top is robbing busy workers blind.

Busy workers are surrounded by people telling them there is nothing they can do because of circumstances they cannot control.

That advice is death, reject it one billion percent.

Your power is not on what you cannot control.

Your power is on how you respond to what you cannot control.

Follow through with correction and re-correction in perpetuity; there will be no stopping you.

Now you’re at the very beginning of unleashing the power of your mind to a rich and creative one from a poor and lazy one.

You’ve been working hard at your job but you’ve been lazy on refining your personal philosophies.

Bring your hard work ethic into a better personal philosophy and there will be no set of uncontrollable circumstances you cannot get ahead of.

When I was income-less, jobless, and out of unemployment benefits I was presented a residual income opportunity in a health and fitness.

The old me would have said, “I’m income-less, jobless, and I ran out of unemployment. I can’t afford this start up cost so I’m not going to do it”.

The new me said, “I’m income-less, jobless, and I ran out of unemployment. I can’t afford NOT to get started”.

This paradigm shift from an inferior personal philosophy to a better personal philosophy was the key to the very beginnings of unleashing my own power. It forced me to get creative so I could sign up and get started.

From that experience I came up with 31 ways to raise money without having any.

Since then I’ve published that on my website for anyone else to use.

If I stayed with the same mentally lazy philosophy that kept me back I would not have been creative enough to come up with so many ways of raising the money I needed to get started.

My job being off-shored was no fault of my own but it did not have to define my financial life anymore.

If you are co-dependent on your job to take care of you financially it’s because of your personal philosophy.

If you wish to, you can upgrade your philosophy and go on a beautiful transition to making your job optional, thereby drastically improving your options in life.

If something happens to your job at no fault of your own and you have no residual money to cover your living expenses it’s because you’ve failed to upgrade your personal philosophy to a better one.

Your job disappearing is no fault of your own but your decision not to do anything about it is an inside job. The solution is also an inside job. That’s where your power is, if you’ll unleash your power.

The same logic applies to your health, relationships, life, etc. Personal philosophy is not just for how you secure your livelihood.

When it comes to poverty there should be a two prong approach in my opinion. 1.) New public policy that does not allow companies to render their workers to poor to live and 2.) personal responsibility for you to work hard on refining your personal philosophy.

Public policy you have no control over. Personal responsibility on refining your personal philosophy you have 100% control over. Put your energy where your power is if you want better options in life.

The next time someone tells you there is nothing you can do because of circumstances, use that as fuel for your own motivation, and go out there to prove them wrong.

Live a healthy chemical free life, make your job optional, support and love each other, and LIVE free.


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