Happiness and Gratitude From 37,000 feet high in the sky..

fireyourboss37,000 feet up..

Just flew over New Mexico and Colorado..

Kansas is down below right now…

I’m sitting here in my seat Reflecting on a pretty unbelievable 2 1/2 week multi destination trip to Florida vising Denise Jolly​, Ricky Fleischman​, and Sarah Ackermann​…

Then to Hollywood visiting Lisa Carbonara​, Jeff, Naomi Nektare​, dog billy angel kitty, Jennifer Hawke…

Then to Las Vegas visiting Tiffinie Smithe​, Joy Elane Gustafson Walsh​, Roxy Al Día​, Judy Judy Judy​…

Paid it forward In hollywood when I Did a live onlne Workshop Showin people how to start creating their own freedom.

I’m Happy and Grateful I’ve got all these kind of Quality people in my life and I get to be in theirs too =)

You’re either free to Create Experiences or you’re working for money and for a Paycheck at some job spending your energy worrying about how bills will be paid.

I’ve been job Free for a while and I’ll never need one or want one or have one again.

Your boss and your “higher” education will NEVER tell you this but You don’t have to continue to be a Slave to working for money and for a paycheck.

Grow from Where you’ve been Planted No Matter What…

Draw a Line in the Sand and Fire Your Boss Dot Xyz

Fire Your Boss dot XYZ

Happily and Authentically,

– me =)
Tom Birkenmeyer​

P.S… Your profession does Not dictate slavery or freedom its the income type you depend on to fund your livelihood. This is not taught in our schools and it’s on purpose to keep you financially illiterate and modern day slaves working for a paycheck. You can be in ANY profession you wanna be in and still either live in Freedom or in Slavery working for a paycheck. Best of all this is not my opinion. Even the un popular IRS recognizes this in the tax code.

After freedom of the mind to expand and learn Freedom is found in your Income Type not in your profession.

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