Preference or Decision – This Chanages Your LIfe Forever…

fire your boss 7Anything easy to do is easy not to do..

It’s a Choice between two easys you just pick one..

When the decision is made it becomes easy because to go against a decision LIKE THAT would literally Break you’re HEART so what was once Hard actually becomes Easy and what was once Easy to shrink back to becomes Impossible.

If you lack follow though you have a Decision problem. Even if the current “how to” sucks its your Lack of Decision keeping you from Figuring it out =)

When you make a DECISION the formula for your defined Success becomes…. Decide, Tell the World, Figure it out…

If your decision is more like a preference the formula shrinks back to a lame version of Decide and quit.

Do you make Decisions or Lame Weak Preferences?

Almost everyone answers proudly with , “I make Decisions Tom”!

Never mind what you say..

What are your results?

Where are you at in your life on the promises you’ve made to your self and to your loved ones?

Let the gap between where you are right now and where you wanna be teach you about the resolve of your decisions.

Are your results teaching you that your decisions have been more like preferences?

You can draw a line in the sand today and make some Decisions if you want to and Change the course of the rest of your life.

– Tom

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