Happy Labor Day! Now let’s exploit you..

Today is the day we celebrate laborers by rendering them too poor to live 🙂

Laborers create all the wealth that Millionaires and Billionaires have accumulated and in return those same Millionaires and Billionaires say thank you by rendering you too poor to live without government help LOL s

Sometimes I’m asked why I’m a proponent for increasing the minimum wage to a living wage as a business owner.

Are you kidding me?

The more disposable income my customers have the more they can buy my plant-based orgasmic chocolate superfood shakes.

Not only is it moral and ethical for Laborers to make enough to afford to live but it’s also good for business owners if their consumer base has more money to buy more of their stuff!

It’s not a complicated concept 🙂

I used to be disrespected the same way when I was a laborer with a job.

I got out of that pyramid scam racket of having a job.

I got in a home business model with a residual and passive money Compensation Plan.

That’s the key ingredient!

Your bills are residual so why not have residual income?

The great thing about the home business model I got into is that it reaches down to the very bottom rung of the economic ladder.

I had no money and no time but I was eager to learn something new.

Most people don’t want to learn something new and want to stay within the confines of what is already comfortable to them so they are trapped by their own toxic driving philosophies.

If you’re eager to learn something new, I’m happy to show you what I got into that Set Me Free from having to participate any longer in this economic racket we are in.

Just ask and I will give you a link you can comb through on your own time.

In the meantime, happy Labor Day 🙂

I talked to a super beautiful young lady today who works 13 hours a day at a rate of only $9 an hour. She can barely afford to take care of her cat. If she goes one minute over 40 hours a week she gets in trouble by her gatekeeper because then they have to pay her overtime. She’s not lazy. She’s hard-working. She labors to make others rich and those rich people exploit her for it. In fairness to her employer they did give her a reward for being employee of the month. If only that reward goodbye her groceries? I swear they have those stupid Rewards and other items they sell as “perks and benefits” to keep you distracted from the fact you are being exploited inside of a pyramid scam known as your job.

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P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need: http://workwithtom.fireyourboss.xyz

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