Hard workers are producing more than ever in our history while becoming poorer than ever in our history.

The harder Americans work the poorer they become.

Poverty is a habit.

Inheriting a fortune is not a habit.

Building wealth is a habit.

A small segment of heirs to a fortune are robbing poor people blind.

They inherit a fortune they did not create to take a small percentage of to legally bribe our elected politicians to rob the poor and the middle through our public treasury.

If you’re waiting for those external forces to do the right thing so that you can be better off then you are screwing yourself over with their help.

You have no power over them and the circumstances they’ve created for you.

When you place your energy where your power is, that is, how you respond to everything, you begin to take control of your destiny.

Be curious and eager to get out of your own head and learn something new outside of what you already know.

Be consistent about what you learn.

Now your potential has shifted from limited to unlimited.


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