Bad things are GOOD.

It gives you something to respond to so you can propel forward.

If you’re poor, change your response to a system that has robbed you and you can become wealthy.

When I was poor I blamed my boss for off shoring my job to India. My boss was responsible for offshoring my job to India but by boss was not responsible for the fact I suddenly had no livelihood.

Up to that point I had done nothing to start building my own residual income. That was on me, not my bovine former boss.

Some of you won’t change the language you tell yourself til after you’re successful, then you’ll change.

That’s like a farmer saying, “I’ll sew seed after I have a harvest”.

How dumb is that?

Change the language in your head first then you can be successful.

The farmer has to sew seed first before a harvest is possible.

You’re not poor because you’ve been robbed by a society that’s made it perfectly legal to perpetually steal from you. You’re poor because your response to legalized theft has kept you poor.

It begins with changing the language you tell yourself.

When I stopped blaming my sudden loss of income I became powerful over my own destiny in that instant because it opened my mind to a rich and creative mind on the hunt for solutions to my problems.

You might be a busy hard working ethical individual but you’ve been lazy in re-programming your mind from an excuse making one into a rich and creative mind on the hunt for solutions.

In a strange twist of irony the hardest working people are often the laziest people with one excuse after another; preventing them from solving problems; keeping themselves poor.

It’s nothing to demonize, but, if this realization gives someone a swift kick in the mental be-hind to shift into a rich and creative solution oriented mind then that’s pretty awesome.

If you’re takeaway from this is to be offended then you’re proving my point with laziness no matter how hard working you are.

Draw a line in the sand and jump over with both feet.

Recognize your power is a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened.

That sleeping giant you can wake up simply by changing the language you tell yourself.

It’s not about what’s happened to you.

It’s about how you respond to what happens to you that determines if you’re just another turd in the herd of obedient workers perpetually being stolen from or if you’re going to finally propel forward.

You can do it <3

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