He Told 12 People Who Told the World. Jesus is the KING of MLM..

ncformimageI came to the realization that Jesus used the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Model to get the word out.

There isn’t even any grey area. Jesus flat out used the MLM model and did it better than anyone else that’s ever lived.

No one accuses Jesus of participating in a Pyramid Scheme.  No one asks him, “Are you just trying to sell me something??”  No one dare equates Jesus to an MLM even though he is a Wonderful Textbook MLM.

I’ve NEVER heard ANYBODY else say that Jesus is an MLM let alone teach how Jesus is MLM.

I told my friend Andrea this realization I came to and after a few months of that marinading in her mind she expanded on that with something more than worth while sharing with everyone.

In my Friend Andrea Nobles Words..

Christ was the most impressive and inspiring network marketer in existence if you ask me. Before you FREAK out on me hear me out……and then I have a question for you…..

This isn’t a religious thing, I am making a historical observation…

1) He quit his day job as a carpenter to follow his purpose.
2) He had a passion and a purpose he couldn’t deny and felt compelled to share it with people, to HELP them. To SAVE them.
3) To do this more effectively, he hand picked a team of 12, trained them and sent them out to share with the world, and the numbers boomed from there and still grow today.
4) Money that was given to Jesus and His disciples was held in community and used to feed the poor. Their own needs to survive were furnished.

I’m not Jesus, or a disciple. BUT I TOTALLY GET THIS! I respect it. AND I bet even if you’re not a religious person, you still know who I am talking about. Heck…I’M not, and I still know these basics!!! Talk about effective marketing!!

I can see why greedy people have tried duplicating this. Prosperity flowed organically. But without the heart behind the action…..it never works out well does it?

So let me ask you this….If any one of those 13 were doing their thing today with purpose and passion now versus then.. but you still know what you know now….would you immediately shut down and ask if they were “selling something” or if what they were doing were “some sort of pyramid scheme”? Even if they could SHOW you that they could heal the sick? Just curious.

My friend Andrea and I totally see how Greedy & Corrupt people are attracted to MLM. Nothing else in the world (the proof is in the track record) has more power to generate more wealth more quickly than an MLM.  Criminals know this so they love MLM.

GOOD PEOPLE need to Raise Their Own Vibration and come to the realization that if YOU really truly want to help people and take power away from the criminals it’s not going to happen in any other model but an MLM one.  Jesus is the ultimate example of how powerful MLM can be for people who want to help.  Using another model other than MLM to help people is like fighting a giant with BOTH of your arms tied behind your back.

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– Tom

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