Using Money to solve Money Problems Can Actually Wipe You Out..

Tom AgainHave you ever said to yourself, “If only I had more money I could solve some problems”?   You’re not alone.

One of my friends, Ray (he’s got a wife and two kids they’re raising), raised his monthly income from totally Broke and in personal foreclosure to $26,000 a month in only a few years.

And then from $26,000 a month to $126,000 a month inside of one year.

Ray can take care of his family now and put piles of cash to work for philanthropy to help many thousands of other people.

With all due respect to your job, friends, I don’t know where else as much growth, freedom, and contribution can be created for anyone starting out totally broke and in foreclosure than inside of a massive vehicle of Leverage to create all those things.

When one starts with money its easier for them to go even further in debt and more often than not they do.

Ray started with zero dollars so when he learned how to create some of his own money without having any money, in the process of doing that, he learned to be faithful with that little bit so he was able to create more, and more, and more..

Today he’s one of the biggest givers I know of cause he learned how to create money on demand without having any money to do it. Pretty cool hey?

In the Video Below I go MUCH deeper into this in a really short period of time…

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– Tom

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