Higher Paid or Bigger Slave?

fire your bossHigh Paid Obedient Wage and Salary earners are not “richer” than minimum wage earners they are just bigger Slaves than Minimum Wage Earners. 

There is no such thing as making “Good Money” when it requires you to sell your time for it no matter if it’s minimum pay, highest pay, or anything in between.

It takes some contrarian thinking using your critical faculties to look outside of that small box of mainstream programming about what constitutes “Good money”.

The only Good Money is Passive and Residual Money because it’s the ONLY money that allows you to detach yourself completely from how you spend your time.  If you wanna be even more attached to money than you already are then stay an obedient wage or salary earner with higher pay grade ambitions.

When it comes to what obedient wage and salary earners are selling every day for their paychecks Prostitutes have got nothing on them.  Prostitutes only have to sell their body for sex.  Obedient wage and salary earners have to sell their time, body, mind, and their soul for a paycheck or they stop getting paid and lose their ability to nourish their families, pay their bills, and keep from becoming homeless but for some reason it’s prostitution that’s illegal except in the Great State of Nevada.

Prostitutes aren’t selling much compared to what obedient wage and salary earners sell every day at their job for a paycheck.

Every job is a pyramid scheme that will get rid of you as soon as they find someone else, or a computer, to replace you at less of a cost.  If you should get a pay raise its because you’re better at selling your mind, body, and soul, than the others who did not get a pay raise.

These aren’t my opinions.

They are stone cold facts.

My opinion is that this is a completely stupid and self destructive way to live.

But that’s only my opinion.

If you love the lifestyle of an obedient wage or salary earner then keep doing what makes you happy no matter what people like me have to say about it.  This is not a superior vs inferior way of thinking. We are different and equal. I don’t voice my opinion about a factual situation to be right or to be wrong.  Work is very noble and everyone should work.  You should align your work with your passion in some way that adds a benefit to society and the world we live in.

I love work.  I’m a workaholic.  I just don’t want a job.

If you LOVE your job then I challenge you to prove it and no longer accept a paycheck from your job ever again.

You can’t do it can you?   You NEED that paycheck.  You’re not independent you are co dependent upon your job for a Paycheck or you can’t pay your bills.

What if you were in a position where you were covered financially from passive and residual money from an asset that you own so you could donate 100% of your job money to charities?

What if you could work for FREE for the LOVE and PASSION for the WORK that you do at your job or non job?


Now you can finally be on your way out of the prostitution business AND further more you get to detach your soul, your spirit, your mind and your body from being needy for a paycheck.

It took me 2 1/2 years to make the transition from thought to reality.

It’s worth it.

When you make the decision to begin your personal journey into becoming a FREE human being and see it through you’ll have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time.

It could mean you keep your job anyway, or leave your job, either way it’s up to you and that’s the point.

Cool Hey?

I wrote this to demonize the mainstream programming that’s successfully programmed the minds of hundreds of millions of non free thinking people to believe it’s a good idea to be reliant on a paycheck that you have to perpetually sell your time for.

I fell into that programming trap until I had an awakening. I changed my mind.  I took a new far better path. So can you if you want to.

The majority of my 2,000+ pieces of individual content I created on http://FireYourBoss.xyz is to support free thinking people discover and navigate their way.

– Tom

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