Profit From Health or Sickness?

follow your heartAre you FOR or AGAINST making $ as a Result from people Improving their Health?

PhRMA makes half a TRILLION per Year managing sickness and curing nothing. Lots of BIG BUSINESS profits by poisoning people and the planet.

We NEED more GOOD people to make LOTS of $ as a result of adding a BENEFIT to others.

Some of you will need to BREAK your negative energy you hold toward money first. Holding your negative energy toward money paves the way for Criminals to control the money supply at your families expense.

Lazy people do not want to hear the truth about Lifestyle and their are more than plenty of companies aggressively exploiting and profiting from them for it.

I am an independent Team Beachbody Coach.

I could pick ANY business as my vehicle to make $ as a result of adding a benefit to others around me.

This one company tells the truth that LAZY people do not want to hear about life style while other companies pander to laziness and won’t tell the truth.

I started a Private Facebook Group for Teaching and Showing others how to make extra $ from spreading health and quashing sickness. This typically goes over big with people who Resonate with thinking Differently than most people, love to learn, and have an Exceptional work ethic for 20 minutes or more a day so it doesn’t interfere with anything else going on with life.

If you’re interested Private Message me on my Facebook.

If you have no idea what you’re doing, have zero time for this, but Open minded and LOVE thinking differently than how most people think then this could be PERFECT for you.

Feel free to share if you know someone who’d like this too.

Tom Birkenmeyer

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