Minimum Wage Obedience

tombirkenmeyercomMinimum wage might be raised to $15 an hour and it won’t matter because it still won’t be enough to rise above water.

The ones who get ahead are the FEW who learn to ask for money in exchange for adding benefit for more peoples lives.

The masses are asking for a raise in exchange for existing or for a sob story.

Critical free thinking people are brainstorming what they can do to benefit more people to get ahead.

Obedient wage and salary earners are asking for more for existing.

Honest hard working people routinely cast votes against their own interests and are joining the poor in the worlds largest exodus.

Anyone can draw a line in the sand anytime they wish.

You’ve changed your mind before. You can do it again. You’ve learned NEW skills before. You can learn new skills again. Do it. Don’t be like everyone else.

If you become a contrarian thinking person who learns to provide more perceived value in exchange for more money then you will get ahead.

There is nothing special, different, or extraordinary about making $15 an hour if everyone else at the bottom is also making $15 an hour.

– Tom

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