How old were you when you first came online?

What experiences do you remember from those early days of online life?

I just realized I’ve been online now for literally half my life.

I first came online in August of 1998 when I was 21 years old. Last July I turned 42.

Way back in 1998 I came online with dial-up from a local provider called acronet and my first operating system for getting online was Windows 98 second edition on a desktop computer that had about 6 gigabytes of storage which was high-end for back in that day.

It still seems like just yesterday this whole new world of the internet came into my life.

Loading a webpage took 6 minutes, that is, if it didn’t crash and I’d have to dial back up again with those obnoxious loud annoying sounds.

Kids today don’t know what they are missing to have a lot of life both before and after the coming of the internet and how being online has evolved so much since the early days of dial-up.

One year from now I will have been online most of my life LOL so bizarre!

How has being online positively impacted your life the most?

As for me, being able to be an entrepreneur and doing it all online. I can’t put into words how powerful that really is! I tried my first attempt at a home business before the internet and failed miserably. The internet has made being a business owner so much easier.

I even wrote an e-book on how to use facebook to create your first 100K after I created mine using facebook and that is all 100% online.

I have a free facebook group dedicated for other people who want better money and to live a chemical free healthy life.

I help busy people make better money and live a healthy chemical free life and I do it all online!

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