Medical or Natural Route?

My frustration with HOW do you know when the Medical Community is LYING to us?

How do you know when to go the natural route, medical route, or when to harmonize both in coordination?

Sometimes Medical treatment is best while most of the time, if not all the time, the natural route is best. Sometimes a harmonized approach is best.

How do you know the difference?

How do you know when one is prioritizing profits over people instead of people over profits?

They both have a profit motive. What is their primary motive? Profits or people?

Both sides have professionals who genuinely want to help people.

Both sides have professionals who genuinely want to exploit you for their true love, profit.

Both sides have their share of fake scientists while both sides also have their fair share of objective TRUE scientists.

How do you know when you’re being duped?

Here is one easy peasy variable you can look at to help you answer these important questions.

Who has the obvious conflicts of interests?

Most of the time it’s the Medical side.

The owners of the biggest Drug Companies and private health insurance companies legally bribe our publicly elected public officials and then our bribed public officials legislate in their favor.

You can go to the FEC website and research these conflicts of interests. By law our politicians are required to publicly file with the FEC any and all campaign contributions they receive.

My personal favorite place to find out where the conflicts of interests are is Open Secrets. Just google Open Secrets and it will come right up in the search results.

You can search for companies, pacs, politicians, and a few other search filters to make it easier to locate.

With the medical community you really don’t have to research unless you are interested in the specifics of who and how much because as a rule they all represent a conflict of interest by the legal bribes they give to our elected leaders to craft legislation in their favor.

When a large corporation makes a political donation it is a BRIBE to normal people and it needs to end.

In my opinion, when you have an entire industry corrupted by our insane system of legalized bribery it makes it nearly impossible to know when you’re dealing with a fake scientist or not. I do believe most doctors and nurses truly do want to help. They can be genuine but also genuinely wrong at the same time. The curriculum they learned from is set by the entirely corrupt Pharmaceutical industry. So in most cases it’s not really your doctors fault. It’s the whole system of legal bribes that took a human who genuinely became a doctor because he or she wanted to help people, and turned that human into a technology dispensary cleverly disguised as a medical doctor.

From the drug companies perspective all medical doctors and registered nurses are technology dispensaries.

In the natural community there isn’t a conflict of interest. None of them have bribed politicians to legislate in their favor. This is primarily why as a general rule of thumb I trust the natural side more than I do the medical side. They are also much more likely to refer you to medical treatment if you need it all the while the majority of medical doctors will never refer you to anyone outside of their medical bubble.

This represents a dyer problem.

Sometimes medical treatment really is necessary to save your life. So if you’re ever in an extreme acute predicament where you need urgent life saving medical treatment you’re basically rolling the dice and you have no choice in the matter.

How insanely vile and morally corrupt is our health care system?

The solution is simple.

Start voting for politicians who LOUDLY reject all corporate PAC and lobbyist money.

Vote for leaders who will FIGHT for a 28th constitutional amendment to criminalize any and all private financing of our public elections and to close the revolving door. This would supersede the supreme court and begin to open the doors of finding solutions to all of our national challenges, not just health care.

Once we remove these bribes and the obvious conflicts of interest these bribes create we can have a health care system that works for everyone.

Healthcare should be off the table when it comes to profits. We aren’t talking about sneakers or phones. If someone doesn’t have any health, they are dead. Therefor the financing of health care should not have a profit motive.

Medicare for all through a single government payer removes this challenge so we can focus on our health rather than money and so large corporations can no longer make a fortune through hastening our pain, suffering, our bankruptcies, and our untimely deaths.

Please feel free to pass this around. The solutions to this dyer problem has to be made more common knowledge so we can vote for politicians who loudly reject being bribed.

Thank you friends.


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