How to avoid the one thing that is worse than failure.

There is one thing that is worse than failure and one way to prevent this one thing that is worse than failure.

The one thing worse than failure is quitting.

Quitting makes failure permanent where you didn’t learn a darn thing from it.

How do you avoid quitting?

NEVER under any circumstances give up, ever.

Here is how it works.. and this is what I practice all the time.. I’ll try something that I want to do that’s important to me and I’ll fail. Then I’ll try again with whatever lesson I learned from the previous effort without wasting any time and I’ll fail again. Repeat that over and over again and I’ll keep going.

Most people can only take so much of that and they don’t learn a god blessed thing from it so they quit.

We have a bunch of quitters and non starters in our world.

very few people see stuff through.

There are even some people that want to avoid failure at all costs which actually costs them everything so the logic behind that is really stupid but it’s the logic some people engage in regularly and they wonder why they never really get anywhere.

Failure is priceless for the person who learns how to monetize failure and uses all failures as stepping stones so now failure is just feedback.

The only way it’s permanent is if you quit. To avoid being a quitter just never give up. Failures and successes are just a serious of perpetual feedback loops.

Now we can look at failure as a good thing!

A wise person will say, “I need to get started yesterday, second best time is today because yesterday is done. Procrastination is the corner stone of all poverties so I need to get started FAST and I need to fail as fast as I can and as big as I can because that’s going to be my ultimate teacher.”

Reading books and so on is great and that can certainly speed up the process and even become the short cut just by leveraging other peoples intellectual acuity of having been there done that now they want to teach you who are hungry to learn.

The ultimate teacher even beyond that is going to be when you fail. The real life experience because that’s going to be your ultimate feedback loop.

Then you loop over and over again until at last you’ve achieved victory and you did it by failing your way to the top!

What a concept!

Fail your way to the top!

You always know when a person is going to see something through all the way because they are never saying things like I don’t have any time even if its totally true. They have the approach of I have to figure this out! I have no time? No money? No skills? No whatever? Just stuff I have to figure out.

Likewise you always know a non starter or a Quitter when you hear someone use those same facts of their own scenario as justification as to why they can’t start, or why they have to quit if they did start. These people are not looking at their problems as just stuff they have to figure out so they are the non starters and the quitters.

Fail at figuring it out until you succeed!

Some people use their kids as a crutch to be a non starter or quitter.

I’ve talked to parents who decided to bring their kids with them on the journey and show them how life really works so that they get inspired to decide that their dreams are worth putting in the hard work and the temporary failures to make their dreams come true.

Some kids sadly grow up in a house of non starters and quitters and are more likely to repeat the cycle with their kids down through the generations. Some kids break the cycle and start a new BETTER pattern with their kids. Some kids are used as a crutch. Some kids are inspired by a reason.

I’m not a parent but I talk to them and I observe with intrinsic interest.

The parents who see things through NEVER use their kids as a crutch it would break their heard to put their kid through that because a child knows when they’re being used as the reason why mom or dad is a quitter and that is repeated by their kids more often than not purely by example.

The parents I talk to who see stuff through enjoy being honest with the kids and showing them that their dreams are worth the hard work and temporary set backs and failures to make their dreams come true and then that much better pattern more often than not gets duplicated in their own childs lives.

One pattern dictates success and the other pattern dictates quitting.

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