How to deal with the Tragedy of when a loved one passes on.

This is my personal take I don’t say this to be wrong or right.

I experienced this for the first time a little over a year ago when my dad passed on.

Others have passed on but never someone I was this close to.

I did not set a deadline for mourning. I went through the process (still going through it over a year later). I was open and unfettered about it. I openly cried where ever I was at. No one was going to tell me I was wrong and no one did which I thought was really cool.

However, in my personal opinion, it was super important to me to show up in my life bigger and better than ever before in impacting other lives around me as a result of accomplishing my own goals.

The number one question to ask and be driven by in my opinion is, “How to best honor my dad?” My dad worked hard so our family can have this foundation to achieve our own dreams. My dad is looking down from Heaven and he wants to see me joyous and living a GREAT life. Not just a good life. A GREAT life.

In my opinion the mistake a lot of people make when dealing with a tragedy is they stop showing up in life in many different parts of it.

If you’re mourning the passing of someone close to you maybe try asking yourself what your loved one would like to see as they look down upon you from Heaven? How can you honor them best? I bet the answer each and every time is to show up bigger and better in your life and be joyous.

I miss my dad very much each and every day. I’m still mourning over a year later. I can mourn my dad and be joyous and show up for my own dreams and goals simultaneously.

I also think its more important than words can say to openly talk about it with all the rough edges in a positive aim.

As for me personally I wrote these elaborate blogs where I poured my guts out into them and posted them all over my facebook timeline and my tom birkenmeyer dot com website where they are archived now forever.

I even created some videos and got teary eyed in a couple of them.

This helped me and it helped others because when you talk freely and openly we can exercise the power of human empathy with each other which goes toward lots of wonderful natural emotional healing for everyone.

How cool is that?!

If you’re going through a tragedy right now of a loved one passing on, or another kind of tragedy, I hope reading this helps you to find purpose that helps you honor whom you need to honor and at the same time in doing so it rejuvenates some true joy back into your life bigger and better than ever before.

For me personally showing up bigger and better in my life meant building my natural health and fitness business. Impacting more people to get healthy Physically, Emotionally, Financially, and in any other way the individual wants to grow personally.

It meant doing more ride sharing and NOT taking a break from any of these things.

I literally stopped only for the day of my dads funeral. Other than that I did not take a break from all these activities. I kept showing up and it was all part of my own personal therapy and healing.

The work I do in showing up every day results in people Getting Healthier physically and Financially which helps them live better and feel better.

Showing up in ways that positively impacts people makes a person feel good. It’s good for you and everyone around you.

My dad was proud of me and how I chose to show up in life and my chosen work. So in the wake of his passing I kept showing up and dedicated myself to showing up bigger and better than before.

What are some ways you can show up in your daily life to honor those you love and rejuvenate yourself and others around you?

Please feel free to share this.


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