When it comes to begging Congress and our President to stop killing Babies for Money in Politics

We literally have to beg and plead with #presidentpinocchio to stop murdering babies in Yemen at a rate of 1 murdered baby every 10 minutes.

At what point do we face reality and call President Pinocchio a vile terrorist that makes Al-Qaeda blush?

When do we get to send the sociopathic Orange Monster to court for war crimes?

Congress monster Paul Ryan is in lockstep with murdering babies to.

At what point do we the people Force our Revolution to get all private money out of politics?

The begging and pleading to stop murdering babies has not worked. President Pinocchio, Paul Ryan and others, won’t stop because they accept lots of money from private weapons contractors and then legislate foreign policy that gives them a return on that money.

Killing innocent babies for money and politics.

What do we call that?

That is Terrorism.

President Pinocchio Trump, Paul Ryan, and most of Congress are literal terrorists.

When are we going to stop kidding ourselves and call it what it is?

I love my country and that is why I want to see our current Congress tried for war crimes, jailed, never to see the light of day ever again.

I love my country and that is why we need a 28th Amendment to our constitution to ban all private money from ever being in our politics ever again.

If there are no more lobbyists or legalized bribery happening in our government then just maybe we can return to being a nation that stands for human rights instead of a government that is a literal terrorist organization around the world.

Please feel free to share. This has to become common knowledge because the mainstream media is not going to do their job.

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