How to do ANYTHING..

AMAZING if you take enough baby steps over a long enough period of time what you can build yourself up to being able to do.

Everyone should THINK like that.

Run a marathon.
Become a Doctor.
Fund Raise for a Charity.
Become Financially Free and Independent.
Write a Book.
Come off Medications SAFELY.
Start a Business.
Inspire the masses.

The journey of a thousand miles is achievable at one digestible step at a time.

You can eat eat something the size of a house in one digestible bite at a time.

You can learn Rocket Science in one digestible bit of info at a time.

You can become 365% BETTER 1 year from today if you just focus on becoming only 1% better one day at a time.

Anyone can do just a little digestible bit of something each and every day.

What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.

98% of the population won’t do it.

Be the 2%.

Be so WEIRD that you are not participating in the 98% anymore not because you are better than them but because you are different than them.

Then surround yourself with other Two Percenters.

Find out what 98% of the population is doing, how they think, how they respond to problems, and RUN The opposite direction as fast as you can and you will be unusually successful.

You can do it.

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