Women always want a man needy for some company to take care of him – a JOB

Whenever I begin to wonder why I’m single I just remind myself I haven’t had a job in 11 years and girls like a guy who has a job.

Ladies, why do you set the bar so low?

Having a job is as low as it gets!

You’re flat out saying that you want a man who is co-dependent and needy for someone else or a company to take care of him.

Raise your standards! 🙂

You can do better than some loser who still needs his job to take care of him. 🙂

it takes heart and guts to be independent and takes a coward to be needy for some company to take care of him.

I’m judging peoples actions not so much people.

People needy for their job are not brave in their livelihood, maybe in other areas of their life they are brave, but in terms of their livelihood they are obedient cowards who created the income gap in tandem with Corporate America and Politicians beholden to their Donors in Corporate America.

Most of the women I’ve ever been really interested in have had a job.

But that’s probably only because most women have a job and the heart wants what it wants.

My heart would never allow me to count having a job as a strike against them or their heart.

Work is wonderful!

However, Work in the capacity of an obedient coward is a slave.

Being an obedient worker is the Cowardly part of 49 out of every 50 people in our country.

I’ve been called a “pompous ass” for my philosophies, however, you are regurgitating the talking points of Goldman and Sachs, you know, President Trump’s main dudes who tanked the economy in 2008 on purpose for their gain at the expense of everyone else and never went to jail for it.

Goldman Sachs, and the other “goldman sachs” of our economy, would say I’m the pompous ass because they see people like me as a threat to them and they see the middle and the poor as their bread and butter.


Be free and happy.

TRUE RICH is having both yes and yes.

Poor is to have one but not the other.

A WISE woman told me, “Nah, I don’t put much stock in his job status. You just haven’t met someone you’ve really clicked with.” I agreed with her whole heartidly! This wise lady friend of mine is none other than Jill Kawecki.

I just might end up with a lady who has a job and I will love her just the same anyway LOL

What I’m saying is if a person enjoys being able to own their time and their life it cannot happen through a codependency on a job.

If a job is optional because an individual has enough passive income that it exceeds all their expenses then a job is totally cool but when it’s not optional, when it’s out of codependency to be able to afford bills and food, a job is not cool.

There is a gross inconsistency when someone says they love to be a free human being while they need their job or they can’t pay their bills.

People can live however they want I’m just asking for consistency.

If someone wants to be needy for a job or they can’t afford to eat then they should say they like being controlled and manipulated through money dependency and I’m totally cool with that.

But who is really truthfully enjoying being controlled and manipulated through money dependency to pay bills and eat?

I’ve NEVER heard anyone say they enjoy that!!!!

So if we are being forthcoming HONEST then everyone would be figuring out how to build passive income to exceed all their living expenses to be consistent with their INNATE DESIRE to be a FREE human being.

But most people are not doing ANYTHING to build passive income.

Most people are not intellectually inconsistent.

By the way this might shock some of you but I am very much pro job not anti Job 🙂

Above All Else I’m Pro freedom and anti-slavery.

No one needs to have a job because they depend on it for their income.

A job can be an optional thing when you learn about passive and residual money from assets you can acquire and own your self.

They don’t teach this in school and it is done on purpose because they need you to be co-dependent on your job.

They don’t want your job to be an optional luxury item in your life.

“jobs typically get in the way of fun” – Katie Kadaver

Amen sistah Katie Kadaver!

I want all my friends to start getting into passive income so we have time to play together more!


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follow your heart

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