I just Realized it’s September Today!

Damn!!! Summer months of 2017 GONE…

Now it’s time to make fall and then winter count and then we get another spring and summer =)

The four seasons are a really cool diverse ever changing circular pattern of all kinds of good, bad, ugly, beautiful, life, death…

What are some other circular never ending patterns in your life?

We cannot control the seasons any more than we can control the sunsets and sunrises.

The seasons and sunsets and sunrises are two circular patterns in nature we have no control over.

Nature doesn’t ask us to like it or hate it.

Nature asks us to cooperate with it if we want to thrive.

Nature has no biases or prejudices!

So what are some circular patterns you DO have degrees of control over?

What circular patterns can you throw a wrench into and develop a BETTER circular patterns in place of ones you’re not too happy with?

Your Health?

Your money situation?

Your emotions?

Your spirituality?

The Quality of your Relationships?

Your Skills?

Financial Freedom?

Monthly Residual bills but No Residual Income???

Your Freedom?

Your Job that shackles you to money?

Your self employment that shackles you to money?

All of those and more you do have degrees of control over but it starts with a mental mindset shift.

Freedom of the mind precedes all other freedoms!

The antithesis to freedom of the mind is going to be the mental gymnastics you do to create the rationale behind your excuses to make it a lil easier to live with yourself for having those excuses.

Change your mind.

You can do it.

No more self absorbed BS.

Sell yourself something better than the BS you’ve been selling yourself for years.

Sell yourself on unwinding a life time of self sabotaging thinking for something BETTER.


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follow your heart

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