Excuses for your Excuses that Cancel Out Your Excuses

The same mechanism that creates excuses can also be used to create reverse excuses which actually end up being the reasons why you can do what you want.

Here is how you can create reverse excuses so you can do what you want.

When you reverse a negative you turn it into a positive.

You’re already good at doing this if you’re good at making excuses. Lets be honest we are all good at making excuses. I do it millions of times and then what I do is I reverse it and I will use that same excuse that other people will DIE believing in. Ill make an excuse for my excuse which is a reverse excuse. You don’t even have to think positive to reverse your excuses.

Examples of common excuses people will live and DIE by:
I don’t have the money and so I can’t. People say this a lot that they cant do something because they don’t have the money. Here is how you reverse that and make an excuse for it. You say, I can’t not do this because I don’t have money and I want to change that so I never ever ever say I don’t have money ever again from this day forward.

You just made your excuse you were living and dying by into a powerful reason why you CAN do something to get what you want instead of why you can’t. Isn’t that more fun???

I can’t because I don’t have time. Instead, I can’t not do this because I have no time and I’m sick and tired of not having the time that I want. So I can’t not make this positive decision because if I don’t make this positive decision right NOW then I’m going to continue not having the time that I Want.

I cant do this because my spouse won’t let me. Instead, men or women, I can’t not do this because I don’t have control over my life and my wife / spouse doesn’t trust me so I cant not make a decision that’s going to empower my family to where my wife / spouse trusts me aging because I’m a real man / woman.

I cant do this because I have to think about it. Instead, I can’t not do this because I need real time to think about the decisions that I Want in my life. And I’m so caught up in my life that literally I cant do what I want because I’m always stuck in procrastination mode. I can’t not make this decision right now.

Just reverse this crap! What ever your reasons are..

I cant do this because I’m poor. Instead, I can’t not do it because I don’t want to be poor forever.

Change that reason you’re giving yourself why you can’t into a perfect reason why you can. This gives you permission to keep making excuses so you can make excuses for your excuses. This gives you permission to be negative on purpose and you’ll actually accomplish stuff and get what you want now. How cool is that? I cant not do this because I’m sick of being poor!!


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