If Time is More Important Than Money Then Why Do 98% of You WORK for Money?

time_with_ones_you_loveTIME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY, but, you do not have to tie your time to money...

Did you know that?

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At your job you trade & STEAL your own time away from yourself and from your family in exchange for dollars. It is the most un intelligent source of income their is because Money is Making YOU it’s SLAVE and 98% of the population is living it.

If someone asks me how much money I created my first month I can honestly say I have no idea I’m still passively receiving money from that first month YEARS later without my personal involvement.

How much did you make at your job the first month?

If you have a job you know exactly how much you made and you will NEVER be paid on those efforts again because as an employee you’re trading time for money inside of a Pyramid Scheme (Pyramid Scheme = a small group of people at the top earn the bulk of the money as everyone else earns less regardless of contribution = every job that exists including yours).

If you stop trading time for money you stop getting money and there is one BIG problem with that… It’s COMPLETELY STUPID.

There is no freedom or security in that deal.

If you love having a job you can keep your job and that’s totally cool.  But does it make ANY sense to live in dependency on an income from a job? Just my personal opinion.. It’s completely stupid to depend on an income that involves trading time for it. It’s the riskiest, highest taxed, and most money enslavement lifestyle there is.

THEE most DEVASTATING self inflicted blow most people make to themselves is, “Tom I don’t need money to be happy” to protect their self image all the while the reality is they are working for a paycheck, they are working for money, thereby giving priority to money because they steal time away from themselves for those dollars each and every day.

There is no congruence between “I don’t need money to be happy” and depending on income from a job.

If you don’t need money to be happy then STOP WORKING FOR MONEY and make a transition to making your lifestyle congruent with what’s coming out from your mouth.

Creating a RESIDUAL AND PASSIVE gives you the FREEDOM to completely separate yourself from actually having to work for money… And, if you’re one of those that likes having a job you can still keep it and it’s totally cool because it’s out of pure love rather than hinging your ability to feed your family on income from a job.

Man, I soooooo hope that makes sense for you.

The Type of Income you create is literally the “key” to transitioning from slavery to freedom and from stress to peace.

I’m a Fan of YOU making this transition because I know you will LIVE and FEEL better in Freedom rather than as a Slave. 

The ONLY way to Separate yourself from money is to change your income into a residual and passive one, otherwise, you are its Slave, like it or not.

If you need some help I have some free resources just ask and you shall receive.

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– Tom

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