Money Will Not Solve Your Money Problems like this One Thing Will..

tombirkenmeyercom“You need money to make money” is a complete Lie.  Don’t allow anyone to sell you that one.  Whoever you heard it from doesn’t know it’s a lie either.

So then what is the One Thing that will solve your money problems at the root so the same problems don’t keep popping back up in your life over and over again?

In a single word, it’s VALUE.

Let me explain…

What happens when people throw money at a money problem without providing any value? They end up further in the financial hole then when they started.  In reality most people use money to make their money problems worse.  Very few people use money to solve money problems and that can only be done by providing value.

If you have no money it doesn’t matter. You don’t need money to make any money.  Provide VALUE in exchange for asking for money. When you get good at that you can create money on demand no matter what is happening in the economy and that is a really good feeling to be able to say, “I can create money on demand whenever I want no matter what else is going on”.  That’s the beginnings of dramatically reducing the stress in your life in exchange for peace which makes room for more happiness.

If you have Any Bad Energy about Money Let me Plant this Wonderful Seed in Your Mind…

Money is a resource you can use it to change the world or pollute the world.

If you’re motivated by helping and nurturing then the more money YOU create the LESS control the Criminals of the world will have over the money supply and we can finally reverse global starvation, poverty, human trafficking, factory farming, an out of control PhRMA who profits from sickness and disease…

Get over any bad energy you have about making Piles of cash so you can Free Yourself to benefit the whole planet.

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– Tom

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