If you have a Perfectly good Reason to SCREAM at someone and say hurtful things decide NOT to..

follow your heartI’m a witness to a tragic perpetual chain of events In people that I love and care about who are mutually killing each other with Stress Daily.

It’s the only emotional Pain that I experience in my life. We’ve all got “something”. This is my current “something”.

Stress will kill you more quickly than eating bad food.

I’m going to find the blessing in this no matter what.

At the very least it will be in the stories I share over this thing that inspires some of you reading this to perpetuate a worthy message of healing and hopefully make a difference in someones life.

You don’t have to be right or wrong.

You don’t have to Scream or talk down to someone because they started it.

When ego trumps humility tragedies happens.

And for the LOVE of the god of your choosing Please Stop Holding other people responsible for the mood your in.

Isn’t this a much better message, even a superior message, to perpetuate into the world than the messages most people are perpetuating?

If you’re like minded with me can I move you to join me in making a new message of healing more popular and accepted?

Couldn’t the whole world benefit from such a massive paradigm shift in our thinking?

If you know someone who’d like this please share and talk openly with all egos out of the equation.

– Tom

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