Inject LOVE Back into FACEBOOK and the World..

follow your heartSee the FACEBOOK Newsfeed lately?!? I’m gonna inject LOVE back in… Whose in?

People are being Offended by everything and wanna let everyone know they are offended.

People have mastered playing the victim just “tellin it how it is” keepin it how it is..

Facebook newsfeed is being Abused as a platform of HATE to stir up hate in other people and boy is it working.

My friend David Ingram said this:

“Keep thinking that the police are the enemy, that all minorities are criminals, your neighbors are all racists and other people can hold you down and you will see society as we know it CRUMBLE away.

You’re playing RIGHT into the hands of evil politicians who want more control over your life and ultimately, a one world government.

If WE as people can’t solve our problems by loving and tolerating each other, THEY will continue to step in and take away liberties.”

I’d step that up from tolerating each other to CELEBRATING each other..

Let’s TAKE ACTION and Dominate the Facebook Newsfeed with Messages of LOVE and of HEALING EVERY DAY.

There will always be HATE in our world but since when do we have to sit back and let HATE be the dominating force of our world and on Facebook?

Instead of Letting LOVE win there are lots of people posting how they are getting off of facebook and allowing themselves to be pushed around by Hate.

When you sit on the sidelines keeping your Messages of Love and of healing to yourself you make it easier for HATE to dominate our world.

The whole world NEEDS you and I to give all of ourselves all the time.

Please SHARE if you’d like to perpetuate this message of LOVE and of HEALING.. Please click the SHARE buttons and participate in creating new posts of LOVE and HEALING and encourage your friends to do the same..

If enough of us STEP UP and do what we were designed to do, that is, to LOVE one another honestly and OPENLY, we can Dominate the Facebook newsfeed and that is GOOD for EVERYONE =)

With LOVE… Let’s perpetuate this… Seriously..

– Tom

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