If You Were Your Own Boss Would You Be the Best Boss You Ever Had?

But would you be more productive being self dependent to?

I let myself wake up whenever the heck I want to every morning because in February of 2010 I fired my alarm clock. Under my own direction I increased my income over 700% in 2010. I’ve helped a lot of people change their lives; making my life not only successful but VERY significant and relevant in the lives of others. I let myself choose who I want to work with and DONT want to work with.  I will never work with someone I don’t wanna work with ever again and no one will be able to discipline me for it like at a job and other dictatorships like that. And when I do something valuable I actually get paid for 100% of that value! I don’t pay income taxes anymore either and my dream trips are all bought and paid for. I became my own boss in August of 2007!

When I had a job years ago I was only paid about 1/3rd of the value I brought to the company.  I built someone elses dream who later said thank you by shipping my job off to India. I had to bite my tongue a lot I could not express my true-self without risking disciplinary measure or losing my job.  I was not allowed to choose who I wanted to work with. I had to wake up at the butt crack of Dawn every morning.  I was lucky if I saw a 2% annual pay raise.  A job is a real dictatorship program in my view.

Why do most of you submit yourselves to that?  If only having a job is for you that’s cool I’m happy for you I’m not trying to change you you’ll sell yourself on change if you want to change.  But as for me… Yuk!!!  If you want out of a go no where build someone elses dream get paid only a fraction of the value you bring to someone elses company then I’m calling on you to get started and get started asap in your own home based business in which you are your own boss.  It’s probably going to take a couple years minimum to get where you wanna be.  But that couple years is going to pass anyway JUST LIKE THAT LAST COUPLE YEARS DID THAT GOT YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY.  Change something I promise you will be somewhere different when the next two years pass by. Put that time on your side working for you instead of against http://tombirkenmeyer.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpyou.  Exercise your god given autonomy, change your philosophy that’s not served you the way you wanted it to, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Get rid of the head trash of self doubt.  We’ve all been there especially me.  Guess what!  I was good enough and SO ARE YOU 🙂  If you believe you are good enough to design the masterpiece of your own life then it crystallizes into your new reality and life changes 🙂

Make sense?   It’s a natural law.  Change the input and you’ll get a different output.

So really what kind of boss would you be to yourself if you were your own boss?  What do you want?  Are you going to do what most people will not do and pay the price for what you want?

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