I’m in it to WIN it… And I am WINNING Despite my environment… So can YOU!!!!!

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

In august of 2007 I was broke, jobless, income-less, scared to death of ending up homeless, bad physical health etc..  In august of 2007 I signed up for the Team Beachbody Coach opportunity. Almost all of my friends who have signed up with me waited 2 or 3 years to sign up with me in my Team Beachbody Business. Some of them will sign up 4 years later, 5, and so on… None of them signed up with me my first 8 or 9 months of business. Most coaches will quit before they give this a chance to work. Not me. The majority will and the majority are broke and out of shape year after year because they are not in it to win it.

My friends who sign up with me see me achieve so much just based on what I’ve shared in facebook the past couple years. Sometimes a friend will call me up just to ask me if I’m still doing that Beachbody “thing” and how it’s going for me. Once I tell them I’m still in it YEARS later and business is booming in the year of the official recession my income increased over 700% despite the economy some of them sign up. There are other variables involved differing from person to person but largely they were waiting to see if I was in it to win it or not! Can you imagine if I told them I quit? I would STINK to high heaven and every ex coach who has a dream experiences it.

Big moral here..

Coaches who get in for a lil while to “try it out” and then quit if they don’t experience enough success quickly enough literally rob themselves of the respect of their friends and miss BIG opportunity to build a big business as time rolls on. Quitting stinks I’m glad I didn’t quit my first couple years when I was virtually a failure or I would have missed my freedom. I will never have to worry about money, the economy, time, and all those problems everyone else experiences stemming from time, money, and personal freedom constraints.  I lifted myself out of poverty and achieved this.  There was no special deal.  I paid the price for a couple years.  Those couple years were going to pass by anyway so was it worth it?  YES!!!!!!  Most people do not think so and that’s why most people are broke, out of shape, and falling short of the promises they made to themselves and to their families.

Most people in my shoes would have quit the first two months let alone the first two years of little to nothing to show for. I honestly and humbly have to pat myself on the back here. I hope all of you take a moment to pat yourselves on the back to when life rewards you for doing something most people will not do 🙂 And then share it with us and the rest of your support team who nurtures you to grow so we can pat you on the back to!  If you don’t have friends who nurture you to grow then you definitely need new friends Immediately!

If you’re actively building a dream remember the moral of this story especially if you haven’t made your way over the initial business “hump” yet….. Your friends, family, new friends you make along the way, all who do not make the commitment to come with you yet are just testing you…. Waiting to see if you’re in it to win it or not. No one wants to follow a loser so stay in it to win it! Do NOT put yourself in a position to where they are ready but you’ve already quit. I’ve been told horror stories of ex Team Beachbody coaches who literally threw up once they realized what they threw away by quitting.

Does being significant in other peoples lives turn you on?  Does finding success by being significant fuel your passions?? In my Team Beachbody Business it is not possible to be successful unless you have significance in other peoples lives.  If that speaks to your heart write / call me I want you in my business.  Take pride in the fact that you find success in this business by becoming significant in other peoples lives. It’s a wonderful concept get involved in this business, embrace it, and share it with everyone 🙂

Enroll for a coach account: http://beachbodycoach.com/metalpalace and call me: 262 344 1733

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