The Pursuit of Happiness by Lindsay Matway

Desert High Stretch

Desert High Stretch

This is why I read and I tell everyone they should to! This is why I’m relentless in my own pursuit of enlightenment, knowledge, and being of service to others. This is why I tell EVERYONE they should be relentless in these things to! We’d all be MUCH happier, healthier, more fulfilled human beings.

My relentless search for enlightenment through reading lead me to this gem by Lindsay Matway. Lindsay has a story of BIG triumphs over ENORMOUS challenges and set backs in her life. Naturally when I learned of her story I wanted to find out what the heck she is doing to achieve so much starting at a place so challenging and scary! This is a woman who was $400,000 in debt and climbing still, her new baby was born pre mature with no health insurance, she owned a house that had depreciated by $100,000 since the time she purchased and was starting to fall apart, faced with bankruptcy proceedings, not happy with her physical shape, struggling intensely in every way possible etc… She’s turned all that around, shes THRIVING, and shes still setting bigger goals and achieving them!! She’s a true inspiration to give people permission to let their own lights shine no matter how tough things are.

A short but SWEET read by Lindsay Matway now that I’ve edified the heck out of her enjoy:

“The pursuit of HAPPINESS is ALWAYS linked to being of SERVICE to others! Ask yourself, “How can I be of service?” instead of “How can I find happiness” and I promise you happiness with FIND YOU! Spend your life experiencing the beauty of GIVING BACK and your cup will ALWAYS runneth over! Give yourself the gift of GREAT HEALTH with the added bonus of a BOMBSHELL BODY! We know not what we are capable of until we PUSH past our comfort zones and force down the mental blocks that hold so many of us back in life! We are ALL capable of losing weight and being physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! It is my hope that through sharing my own journey, I might somehow be able to assist you in breaking down that first imaginary wall that is holding you back at this moment in your life! Live inspired and you will give others permission to let their light shine too!” – Lindsay Matway

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