Is Your Ego Big Enough To Take Offense Or Insult From Meanness?

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Want some help to no longer feel offended, insulted, or upset over Meanness from other people?

Receive this seed to be sewn into the soil of your mind the Peace of Mind it creates is soooooo nice…

My Ego is not big enough to take offense, insult, or injury over meanness. I know when I take insult or injury over meanness I make it all about myself and that is ego.

A lot of people are quick to jump into defensive mode and get stressed out, even when it’s in response to someone not being mean at all. It’s a fight to protect your ego from getting hurt because you’ve allowed your ego to get too big.

It’s called self protection, self protection is ego, it failed and didn’t work. Ego keeps you chained and bound from all that you desire to live and become. Ego can be tied into all of the ways you think and make decisions today.

This is really mind bending for how you’ve been conditioned to think. I get it. It took me some time to unwind this way of thinking.

Today meanness just bounces right off of me. I reject it before it has a chance to be sewn into the soil of my brain. This creates a very peaceful life especially when things outside of the mind are extremely stressful.

It becomes much easier and even more FUN to go after your dreams and even accomplish them when your ego is in a healthy balance. Ego and self protection is the number one cause of stress and our dreams never being given any life.

Be Vulnerable so you can become Strong and give the world your Gift that is Uniquely the Real You rather than some ego driven Facade that robs the world of your gift.

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– Tom

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