Should You Really Care About a Silly Little GMO?

tombirkenmeyercomAre those FUNNY lil Genetically Modified Orgasms (GMOs) Worth Looking Into?!

I don’t know..

Allow me to Pique the Sh*t out of Your Curiosity…

Select Corporations Created these Silly lil GMOs to Chemically & Physically alter your brain to MANIPULATE YOU into giving them all your cash and your childrens college funds.

The true genius behind the GMO is how they actually got their consumers to thump their egos along with their chests about how they’re “freely choosing” what they put into their mouths (part of the Manipulation).

It’s even more special how an industry that systemically destroys it’s consumers first through manipulation, and then by Chronic disease, has an army COLOSSAL in size to look at people who dare question the status quo as if they are aliens, when in fact, they avoided the manipulation so they Can be the true Free Thinkers.

How does a select Corporation successfully manipulate you into giving them your families cash and then go beyond that to create a dazzling illusion that you’re acting as a free human being?

I present to you you..

The GMO! Brought to you by Select Corporations who don’t question the consequences to your family for their profits.

Word of caution..

If you are BRAVE ENOUGH to pursue this discovery process of GMOs you’ll probably find it’s in 90% of the food you feed your family.

You may feel sick at first…

Then angry…

You might even become enraged enough to Become An Intelligent Activist.

By “Intelligent” activist I don’t mean picketing, protesting on the streets, and calling people idiots who don’t believe what you believe because that’s just st00pid and will work against your cause.

By “intelligent” I mean living up to a new principal you’re fighting for. Ya know, practicing what ya preach! Changing how you VOTE WITH YOUR DAILY DOLLAR.

Are you going to create more demand for more GMOS and all the Manipulation, death, and disease AND select RICH Corporations Getting even RICHER the sicker your family gets?

Are you going to CREATE MORE DEMAND FOR GMO FREE FOOD to show Select Corporations it’s wrong to profit from the exploitation of peoples ignorance?

When we change how we spend our money we change our food supply which changes the health of the world…

What kind of a world are you leaving for your kids?

Are GMOs worth looking into yet?

Don’t take some d00ds word from the internet.

Google is AWESOME start your own research so your source sounds more credible when you SHARE information with friends.

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

– Tom

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