It’s time to stop acting so stupidly with money & time

I’m not saying you’re stupid. I’m saying you behave stupidly with money and time. VERY stupidly with money and time!

You make more money today than the day after you got out of high school but you’re saddled with more debt!

I’m not pointing fingers at how stupid you’ve been with your time and money. I’m a former Dummy with time and money (Still dumb in other areas..LoL). But I love learning so I learned a better way and For the love of all that is good I did not get upset or take offense when someone told me I was really stupid with time and money so you should not take offense either.

You are probably smarter than I am in almost any other area except when it comes to time and money.

If you’re still doing nothing to build residual and passive money that exceeds all of your expenses then it’s worse than just being stupid with time and money. You’ve been insanely complicit in your obedience conditioning you’ve received your whole life to work for a paycheck under some b.s. illusion you bought about security and safety.

That’s how powerful social conditioning is!

Social conditioning is so powerful it will have 49 out of 50 of you believing the exact opposite of the truth about the quality of the paycheck you work hard for at your job. If you’re in the 49 out of 50 you might as well change your job title to professional gambler. You have zero control over that paycheck or the asset the paycheck comes from. Zero control means highest risk possible and you were sold a lie that it’s safe, secure, and even intelligent. The truth is it’s high risk and completely stupid to stake your livelihood on. What your paycheck IS good for is securing your obedience to keep working for it while avoiding anything to do with residual and passive income.

How do you like your obedience training now? =)

When I first learned about my obedience training my blood boiled and I started learning to get out of it ASAP.

What’s that old adage about pride and humility? The humble are lifted the prideful are torn down.

When someone told me I was insanely dumb with time and money (after learning I was doing nothing to produce residual money) I took it as an opportunity to learn something BETTER and ESCAPE my social conditioning. I was no longer complicit to my life long obedience training.

That’s what I’m trying to communicate with any of you still reading this =)

Don’t be offended. Embrace learning something new that is far outside your own social conditioning.

Understand YOU are intelligent.

It’s only your behavior with money and time that you’ve been insanely stupid with up to now.

Draw a line in the sand and jump over that line with BOTH feet.

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I heart people who LOVE to LEARN something new outside of what they already know and have the guts to be themselves & laugh & make lots of money spreading health.


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