This month I’m giving myself a fifteen hundred dollar per month pay raise

I don’t have a job and I don’t believe saving money is neither safe or intelligent.

I will empty out my bank account into my affordable housing project and that extra fifteen hundred a month I’m rolling back into itself anyway I don’t need it.

What do I care about emptying out my bank account to a balance of Zero?  It’s going to automatically replenish itself anyway.  My bills are automatically paid anyway.

Remember when you were a kid having fun with no bills to worry about?

IF you’ll let me I will teach you how to do this even if you’re a broke hobo with nothing but a good heart beat.

Having a job and saving money is too expensive NOBODY can afford a job or to save money.

Social conditioning is POWERFUL isn’t it?

No matter how much obedience training we’ve had in our social conditioned lives telling us that getting a job or saving money is secure and Intelligent the exact opposite is true.

My bank account will AUTOMATICALLY replenish itself with or without my involvement because I learned about residual and passive money.

You don’t have residual and passive money, yet.

Reality for you (so far) is you are forced to continuously show up at your job in perpetuity to pay bills. If you stop showing up you starve and become homeless.  If you are lucky enough to have a savings account it will deplete and will not automatically replenish itself without your personal involvement.  Your life style is not automatically paid for.  Your time is controlled and manipulated by a system that you were sold to as secure, stable, and intelligent. Don’t be suckered by that sinister pyramid scam anymore of working for ordinary income.

It’s time for you to learn about residual and passive money.  This is the key ingredient to DE-coupling your time from your income, your obedience from an establishment that sold you a pyramid scam, and ultimately evolving into a FREE human being.

Love your job?

Keep it!

The mission is to make your job OPTIONAL.

Break your dependency on your job to pay bills and live.

Social conditioning has told us we are independent once we have a “safe and secure” job.  That social conditioning has created a well behaved nation of Obedient workers to the status quo.  You’ve become so needy and dependent on a company to take care of you or you can’t pay basic bills.  Powerful social programming has programmed you to believing you’re independent even though you are dependent on your job to pay bills and live.

As a former well conditioned obedient worker I’m not pointing any fingers.  I’ve been there.  I learned a better way that lead to my authentic independence AWAY from a sinister system that depends on an abundance of obedient workers.

My mind was open and ripe for a change.  That’s when I learned about adding health and money to our lives, residual and passive money,  home business, and getting past my own personal excuses that held me back in the past.  My main excuses I held onto for so long were I don’t have a job, I have no income, I have no free time, I’m not smart enough, I was a special ed student still struggled to pass, no one is going to listen to me, etc.. I had a bunch more excuses but those were the main ones I kept rattling off in my head.

I flipped the script in my head which lead to me getting out of my own way and enrolling despite my terrible circumstances.  All those reasons I cited as to why I could not do this I turned into perfect reasons why I had to do this. I have no job no income I can’t afford not to do this.  I’m kinda dumb I don’t know anything so it’s a perfect reason to LEARN how to do this.  I don’t have any free time to do this so I MUST do this so I have free time in my future. Whatever the excuse was I flipped the script.

Now that the script has been flipped my mind was ripe for BETTER ideas I would ACT on.  I learned exactly HOW to build this new home business with residual money automatically built into it.  I learned to see problems, challenges, mistakes, setbacks, and failures as learning experiences.  This lead to me intentionally making more mistakes and being excited about it.

BY THE WAY this is all stuff YOU can do to.  You’re already great at making mistakes and excuses so you might as well harness that power for residual income by flipping the script in your brain, right???

Here is the essence of residual money and why you have to shift your focus away from ordinary money to residual money…

Let’s say in your first year of residual money you make an extra ten thousand dollars in your precious minutes of spare time.  In your second year you don’t start out again at ZERO and hope to make what you made the year before.  That’s what you have at your job and it has your time manipulated away from you.  With residual money you start your second year with ten thousand dollars of income already established so now you get to BUILD on top of that instead of starting from Zero again.

Let’s say you make an extra fifteen thousand residual money your second year.  Fifteen plus ten is twenty five thousand dollars of established income to BUILD on top of for your third year of residual money.

Let’s say in 2 – 5 years you get to retire richer than you were when you were working instead of working forty years to retire poorer than when you were working.  Which scenario is LIGHT YEARS better???  Gee I wonder =)

Now you are no longer needy for some company to take care of you.  Now you are authentically independent.  Now you can keep your job because you love it or fire your boss because you hate it.  I’s up to you.  You have choice because you wisely chose to switch your focus to residual and passive money.

The next 2 – 5 years are going to pass anyway.   Time has no bias.  Make decisions now without analytical paralysis that positions you to emerge as free independent human being at some point in the future. 2 – 5 years from now you’ll say “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did”.

Freedom of the MIND always precedes personal and financial freedom.

You work hard already. You might as well work hard to create residual and passive money so you can return to when you were a child having fun with no worries about bills.

My friend Keia wrote this,

“Working hard is a moral character issue and is different than a job which is a preconceived notion that is confused with work.

A JOB is fashioned slavery that gives you an illusion of safety. Hard work is the actions that you partake in to continue your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental development. A JOB is external, hard work is an internal character trait.”

If you’d like to learn something new about Health, Residual Money, and having more of both in a business you can build from home that you own, reach out to me and I’ll reach back out to you.


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follow your heart

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