Job Money is the Worst Money that Exists & the Most Commonly Depended on…

winter_backgroundThe paycheck you steal your time for every week is the most Insidious Pyramid Scheme ever developed against human kind and you’ve positioned yourself and your family to depend on it to live.

Hear me out because I know I just jolted your foundation a little bit…

Their is No Such Thing as Good Money at a Job even if they pay you a thousand dollars an hour..

Mainstream thinking Sells You that it’s smart to get a high paying job. The only pathway to that conclusion is you haven’t learned how money works..

Loving your job, if you’re one of those people who loves that sort of thing, is totally cool.. But to cite a job as a “Good” source of money means it’s time to learn about money so you can live better without stress about problems stemming from money problems..

I know the first thing you’re thinking is…”Well I have to pay bills and feed my family”. I’m just letting you know there are other types of incomes out there you can take care of your family with. A Job income just happens to be the WORST one out there. You’d like to know, right?

W2 JOB income Steals money and nourishment from your family and puts your family at the highest risk of losing everything. You can’t get ahead this way and whatever you do have is at the highest risk possible.

Job Income steals money from your family via the tax code. The entire tax code is written against employees. The more you make the more you’re penalized through taxes. If you depend on your job for income your biggest liability your whole life will be taxes and you’ll never get ahead.

In order to keep getting paid you have to keep stealing time from yourself and from your family. If you quit or get fired you don’t get any more.

Do you see the MAJOR problems with that?

It boils down to you are a slave to money. Money is your master if you depend on this type of income. They don’t teach this in school so don’t be hard on yourself for not knowing this.

The ONLY income type that gives you any freedom is Passive income…

Any other type of income requires your continuous time or you stop getting paid.

Passive income gets the bulk of the Tax Breaks and more importantly this type of income is not tied to your time. That means you can be with your family, take trips, do more philanthropy, you can spend your time how ever you wish creating experiences regardless if they pay or don’t pay and you will be more than covered financially.

You can start broke, homeless, too much month at the end of the money, you can have a bad history that no employer would ever hire you knowing about, passive income does not judge you, its not prejudice, it rewards you based on value rather than entitlement, it doesn’t care if you dropped out of grade school, and the tax breaks are in place for you.

When I heard about passive income I stopped what I was doing to pour myself into learning about it and implementing it FAST.

It took me two and a half years to become free. Two and a half years is the speed of light compared to the forty year plan and the forty year plan has you retiring poorer than you were when you were working anyway.  That is a RACKET to have you work hard your whole life only to retire poorer than you were when you were working.

All jobs are Pyramid Schemes.

If you’re one of those who likes having a job do it because you love the job not for the money because that makes no sense to have a job for the money.

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– Tom

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