To Participate or Not in the Job Racket…

follow your heartYou don’t have to be out in field seeking employment…

Or working for someone else unless you like that sort of thing..

I could still be participating in the Job Racket.  In August of 2007 I made a different decision than most people make so now I live a different lifestyle than most people live…

And that decision, in America and much of the world anyway, is free for anyone to make.  So we all have to take responsibility for where we are at and then realize we can draw a line in the sand any time we wish. YOU can draw a line anytime you wish…

But then the questions follow…

What will it be that sells and fuels your financial situation?

Answer: A passive income.  It’s the only kind that creates any freedom. Ordinary earned income takes your freedom away and makes you a slave to the dollar that you have to continuously keep stealing time away from yourself and family or you stop getting paid and then the lights in your home get shut off.

Passive income means you get paid regardless of how you spend your time.  Passive income gives you your Freedom of time to spend your time however you wish. You can put your focus and your energy on creating experiences rather than how the bills will be paid.

I get an optional 360 days paid time off per year.  I never “have to” work . I’m covered now. It took me two and a half years of ground work to get that going.  That’s the Speed of Light compared to the 40 year plan and that plan has a person retiring poorer than they were when they were working anyway.

The 40 year job plan is a financial racket.

ANYTHING that demands you work hard your whole life only to retire poorer than you were when you were working is a Racket in my opinion.  And as if that is not bad enough, you will lose more of your money through taxes than in any other type of income.

The more money you make at a job the more you lose to taxes. People who depend on Job Income can Never Get Ahead.

Mainstream school of thought sells you on getting a higher paying job.  Financially that makes no sense to get a higher paying job.  The more money you make with this type of income the more nourishment you steal from your family.

You’re literally penalized the more money you make with this INSIDIOUS type of income from a job.

Mainstream school teaches you to make more of this income type. I recommend mainstream school can be a valuable resource for PART of your education, however, if you get your financial education from mainstream school then you’ll use your other skills to steal from your family.

I recommend looking at the Rich Dad Education Resources for your financial education.

A participant in my 30 Days to Profit Training Sequence commented to me that participating in my Training is like being in my “pocket” so they can observe closer and see how exactly I created freedom from being needy for a job and even how I bought my house in cash.

Her comment made me think… Especially when another friend, who is not participating in my profit training sequence, told me she wanted to be in “my pocket” to observe and see how I’m doing it.

Being “in my pocket” is kinda the idea behind how I designed my profit training sequence…

I record my screen with pictures, videos, sounds, so that others can see, LEARN, DO, and Follow Along.

I invest in a lot of really cool tools so I can give my participants the BEST learning experience possible.  This also saves my participants from having to make these investments by leveraging what I’ve already set up for them.  This can make duplicating what I’ve accomplished much easier for people to create their own freedom.

My Profit Training Sequence can save a person Massive Amounts of Time and Money in creating their own freedom.

If you have questions… Look me up on social media and Ask…

I’m happy to answer them.

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– Tom

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