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Do you feel you learn more about someone when you ask them questions for connecting with them or when you make statements about them?

Try this out..

Let this be a new seed you allow to be sewn into your brain to take strong root and grow.  If you’re humble you’ll find that you are commonly guilty of judging others, making statements about them based on what you see or hear, and because you’re now consciously aware you can catch yourself each time BEFORE you do it, make fewer statements, judge less, LOVE more, and go for understanding and empathy rather than statements and judgement.

The last thing the people you are judging needs is for someone else to judge them. The last thing YOU need is to be judged. Someone judged you and now you judge others, too. Someone has to break the cycle and begin a new cycle. Why not let it be you?  Ya know what?  As a human being you have this incredible gift of being able to consciously reject or accept each word people speak over you.  Words are seeds.  Each seed has potential to grow an entire Orchard.  Be Very Careful of each seed that you either accept or reject.  You know you have this gift of discernment.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded how to use your gifts again.

This blog entry I wrote I was inspired to write by someone who judged me for my desire to make lots and lots of money. It didn’t feel good to be judged. Instead of lashing back, which would have been the easy and lazy thing to do, I went for the understanding and connection; BREAKING the cycle of the person who was judged by someone else and now judging me for my desire to make lots and lots of money.

When someone is being lazy they make statements and judgements about my desire to make lots and lots of money.  When someone is not lazy, but truly interested in understanding, they can ask questions going for that understanding.   They can ask me, “Why?  What’s behind your desire to make lots and lots of money Tom?”  That wonderful non judgmental question gives me the PRIVILEGE to express myself to an open mind going for understanding.

If you’re mind is open allow me the privilege.. 

There are a Billion people in the world, mostly kids, starving to death.  There is enough food and resources in the world so that not another person needs to go without basic nourishment to support life.  It takes lots and lots of money to make the dream of ending global starvation a reality.  Behind that money is HEART.  Not enough people in the world care about this problem.  There is not enough collective hearts, so there is not enough money to make sure everyone has this basic necessity for life.

There exists natural cures for all cancers of all stages.  Most people are not even aware these natural cures exist and just continue to go to the medical community who seem to create more EXPENSIVE problems than they solve.  It takes lots of money to raise awareness against a big pharmaceutical industry that profits half a trillion dollars per year.  I believe if more people are aware of and believe in natural cures for cancer then no one else will suffer and die from cancer ever again.  Behind the money needed to make this beautiful dream a beautiful reality is lots of HEART.  Too many people, today, are apathetic.  But we are changing that one person at a time.  Places like Gerson exist who are actually curing people of all cancers, from all stages, and other chronic diseases, with 100% natural therapies and most people still have never heard of them.  That’s inexcusable.

There are tens of MILLIONS of families, in the United States alone, struggling to find Quality Clean Affordable housing to live and raise their children in.  This takes lots of money, specifically lots of compounding accumulative Passive Cash Flow, to solve this problem.

The list goes on of the enormous problems that exist that Heart and Money can solve, but, these are the main ones I chose to focus myself on.  The problem, in my personal opinion, is too many people living in democracies like the United States seem to be “content” making only enough money to take care of themselves while Billions of people in the world are either starving to death, homeless, have a preventable and reversible disease like cancer, or a combination of those things.  In my opinion, to only make enough for yourself while a billion people, mostly children, are starving to death is criminally insanely selfish.  I know your heart bleeds to do more.  It’s not that YOU personally are a criminally insanely selfish person.  Maybe you’ve just never looked at money like that before.  I don’t know what’s going on inside of your head.  I don’t know you so this is not at all to judge you or make statements about you.  I would like to share with you that if you live in a nation of opportunity, like the United States, you can make more than you need for yourself, take only what you need for yourself and the security of your family, and make million and billions more to attach yourself to a cause that bleeds true to your heart to start solving those enormous problems for countless other people.  Wouldn’t that be beyond Amazing?

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could use this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family. Connect with me on Social Media, too.

– Tom

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