Just Because You Don’t Know How to Do Something it Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Do it

If that were true you would not know how to make a living.

You’ve proven to yourself you can learn something new whenever you have the will to learn.

You’ll learn how to be an employee in a heart beat.

The skill of learning to have a job is something you put effort into that keeps you controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money so you can pay your bills and eat.

Ask this AWESOME question of yourself..

What if you took the same energy it took you to learn a skill that keeps you controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money and you put that same energy into learning how to become a FREE HUMAN BEING from that nonsense?

Multi National Corporations do not want you asking yourself that question because they are are NEEDY for your unquestionable obedience.

Their interests are for you to learn to be a good domesticated pet kept in line by a policy and procedure manual 9 miles high that you, your boss, and your bosses boss are victims of.

What a SCAM.

You’re not on my page because you’re happy with the status quo so while you’re here I want to give you something DELICIOUS to chew on and digest how these ideas could help you improve your life.

You’re already working hard and learning new skills anyway, right?

Why not re purpose the energy you’re already burning up and put that energy into learning skills that FREE you rather than Shackles you??????


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follow your heart

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