Kids Tend to Aspire to Be Like Their Parents

When you give your kids something excellent to aspire to by leading an excellent life by your own example they tend to want to be like mom and dad. When mom and dad settle for mediocrity or poverty the kids tend to want to be like mom and dad.  Then there is the truly lost parents who use their kids as a crutch for their own mediocrity and short comings and the kids tend to want to be like mom and dad.  I.e.”I don’t have time to take care of myself and take care of my dreams and promises I have to spend that time focusing on my kids etc”

I’m not a parent but I talk to them.  I talk to a LOT of people because I want to understand beyond the scope of ONLY the shoes I happen to fill.  My friend Lisa, who is a mom, is very wise.   I wanted to share a parents perspective in case you happen to be struggling with this in raising your own kids.  Just maybe this can help you and your family..

Asema Lisa – “I don’t have a 6 pack, although I would LOVE to. What I do have is a very unmotivated 15 year old. He drives me absolutely nuts because he seems to have no drive to do anything. As soon as something he wants turns into something he has to work for, he quits it. I’ve been racking my brain and have tried everything from rewards, to threats, to pleading for him to work for something. I mention all this because after training 3 days a week with my group and doing the Diva Dash this weekend, my son has taken an interest in something. He wants to do a 5k obstacle course with me, and he’s willing to WORK for it. I think the quality time issue here is null and void, because he is now asking to spend more quality time with me because he has seen my hard work and perseverance pay off. I have taught him more by taking care of myself than by focusing solely on him.”

A very big THANK YOU to Lisa for giving me permission to publish this Beautiful Valuable Wisdom in my Blog.  We hope it helps!

– Tom

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