My Last living Grand Parent Just Passed Away

I’m Flying out to Colorado tomorrow for services and Visiting. This is the second time my last living grand parent has passed away if you can believe that.

3 1/2 years ago I found my Biological family and discovered I had a living grandmother with them. (Pretty amazing hey!?) It was approximately 10 years before that my last living grand parent passed away in my adoptive family who raised me. I never thought I’d have a living grand parent again so this was quite a nice surprise when I found my biological family.

I will probably meet others in my biological family at the services that I’ve never met before because funerals and weddings double as family re unions where you see people you havent seen in years, or in my case, ever.

My biological grandmother was always very kind and welcoming to me.

This is one part of the DEEPER Meaning BEYOND what the Eyes can See or the ears can Hear of becoming Financially Independent.

You have No Idea the mystery of Tomorrow. You will either wish you were free or you will be Grateful you Became Free. Chasing after money every day at your job to have a Means to pay Bills and Nourish your family is not freedom. Its control and Manipulation.

Life is about Creating Experiences with people not Chasing Money to Pay Bills.

Every life situation that pops up, those un planned ones or the ones I can plan for, I’m grateful I went through the process of Becoming free.

You can do it too. You should. It would behoove you beyond what your eyes can see and your ears can hear.

I booked a one way ticket to colorado. Then to Las Vegas because I love that city visiting friends out there too. I haven’t booked my ticket back home yet. I will when I feel like it.

I’m going to honor my grandmother in Colorado and visit my biological family. No gatekeeper can deny me anymore. I’m not living underneath the thumb of anyone who can tell me that I can’t be where I want to be with other people when I want to be with other people.

I’m NOT a domesticated pet and Neither are you Reading this but the employment program is a Human Domestication program that can deny you anything for any reason and has a policy and procedure handbook in place to keep you in line like a domesticated pet.

Life is about CReating experiences not Chasing Money to Pay Bills and eat. Feel free to share this if you’d like.

In Gratitude,
– Tom

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