Someone Else Figured it Out

follow your heartYou’ve got 2 Jobs??

Someone else had 3 jobs and Figured it out.

You’ve got 6 kids to take care of? Someone else has 7 kids and they figured it out.

You’re half a million in debt? Someone else was a million in debt and figured it out.

You’ve got 3 diagnosed chronic diseases? Someone else has 10 Chronic Diseases and they figured it out.

You read this and got offended because I hurt your feelings? Someone else read this and got all inspired and started figuring stuff out =)

Don’t wish for a new set of circumstances.

Wish for a Better BRAIN.

Your circumstances don’t have any power to hold you back or pull you forward, but you do =)

I’ve NEVER been in your shoes before, ever.

But how much longer do you wanna stay there using your family and your scenario as a crutch to stay controlled and manipulated through the dependency of money?

You have to choose Ego or DReams you can’t have both =)


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– Tom

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follow your heart
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